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G Master Low Speed Granulator
KGS Series
– The most suitable (low speed) granulator for in-line recycling of engineering plastic runners. Only KAWATA as top maker of the plastic recycling equipment offers high reliability and easier cleaning of the machine.

Easiest Cleaning
– When you open the double door housing,which high rigidity, as the original structure, you cannot find any useless frame upward for cleaning.

Grinding Performance
– Scissors cutting action of crushing blades improves grinding efficiency and generation of powder.

Other Standards
– The housing is finished by electroless nickel plating after original surface treating.
– The driving motor installed upturned, protecting the motor damage from the grease dropping into the reduction gear.
– The dump chute is made of anti-vibration steel plate.
– Oilless bearings are used for opening the housing.
– The rotary discharge of the ends of the main axis can prevent power from entering the axis.
– You can put the pump chute in four positions every 90 degrees.
– The fine-scissors of the granulator adopts are shape design so that the scissors teeth are uneasy to crack.