Convey 1-2 (Hopper)

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DRG Series
PID Control Panel
– PID control for accurate temperature control
– Alarm lamps flashes anomaly occurs, and the cause of anomaly (anti-phase, overload, upper temperature limit, lower temperature limit, thermocouple break, empty level switch error, contractor abnormal contractor, external abnormal) will be shown on panel
– Automatic appointment start function as standard
– Control panel makes operation easier

Secondary Quantify Conveying with Cleaning
– Prevents the resin from remaining in the pipeline and from absorbing moisture again

Visualization Maintenance
– Easy & convenience raw material change
– Change & clean material in 15 minutes

– Boiling power reduction hopper (option)
– Removes resin powder and foreign matter
– Kawata’s original “boiling power reduction hopper”, which is mounted on a molding machine, removes resin powder and foreign matter by air flow after conveying
– Secondary two-way conveying
– Oil demister (high quality made in Japan). Suitable for drying oil base plastic resin
– Conveying blower up
– Suitable for the long distance conveying
– Alarm lamp