ADG-Z Series Hot Air Dryer

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Super energy-saving design, energy 40%
– Energy saving device configuration
– the effective use of dry heat

PID Control Panel
– PID control for accurate temperature control
– A cause of malfunction is indicated by a warning light, (negative phase, overload, high temperature, empty level error, mgl error, alarm of remote)
– Automatic start timer (standard)
– Easy-to-read flat panel display makes operation easier.

Diffuser Cone Mechanism
– The diffuser cone mechanism ensures uniform drying and prevents inadequate drying.

Easy maintenance
– The door of drying cylinder is designed largely, easy to achieve the cleaning of the cylinder and to remove and install the horn pipe easily.
– Using simple collecting box, materials release conveniently

Insulated Drying Hopper
– Insulation keeps the heat in to reduces energy consumption and increase safety by reducing the risk of burns.

A wide range of options
– Stand with casters
– Two-way conveyor
– Conveying blower up
– Cyclone with dust collection tank
– Warning buzzer
– Earth leakage breaker
– SSR solid state relay
– No need convey-2
– Booking startup device (type of week calendar)