• TW-SHDN MB Series Mold Temp Controller
  • TW-SHDN MB Series Mold Temp Controller

TW-SHDN MB Series Mold Temp Controller


TW-SHDN/ MB Series

Mold Temperature Controller

More compact, energy, saving.

Features :
1) Saves 65% of space (compared to our original model)
 - small lightweight design
 - saves space through substantial design changes

2) Saves 35% of energy (compared to our original model)
 - Energy saving and high efficient operation
 - Energy consumption decrease apparently through intermittent working of the miniature magnetic booster pump.

3) Uses High temperature resistance and seal-less magnetic drive pumps as the medium pump,operation reliably and no leakage.

4) High Accuracy
-Temperature readout in 0.1 °C increments
- Pt 100 Ω sensor minimizes ambient temperature influence
- Superior temperature stability
- Realizing temperature stability through PID control program

5) High Performance
Direct cooling can bear greater load variations

6) High Reliability
- Long life

Japanese high quality products, the small variety of the basis internal pressure,realization to increase to press pup start with stop of precise control.

1) Display in 0.1 °C increments
2) Temperature sensor Pt 100 Ω
3) SSR for heater control
4) Remote operation (No-voltage contact)
5) Alarm output (including our terminal)
6) Run /stop timer (to set run and stop time)
7) Earth leakage breaker

Additional Details

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